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Grading of the greens

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2017/18 Winter Membership - Special Offer

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Prize Giving Texas Scramble

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Caley League - Annual Dinner

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Scratch League Team Sponsorship

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Prize Winners - Trophy Return


Scottish Golf Limited (the old SGU) is proposing a new 4 year Strategy aimed at rejuvenating the game between 2018 and 2022. This proposed Strategy will be voted on at a Special General Meeting on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017.

Central Government funding will be cut considerably and they must raise funds by other means - one of which is to increase the affiliation fee that all "handicap playing" members pay.  We currently pay £11.25 for this levy and the proposal is to raise this to £24.00.  The County Levy of £3.00 is unaffected by this.  As a club we must vote on whether we want to support this new strategy or not and every member that currently pays the £11.25 affiliation fee will be sent an email or contacted individually for their vote.

The links below provide all the information that is available from SGL and your Board of Directors ask that you consider all of the information before you respond with your vote.  We hope to complete this exercise during October so that our Club's position is known in time for the P&KCGU AGM on 12th November.

Executive Summary – Strategy Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will the Changes Deliver – Briefing Flyer