Captains Letter Update - 24th April

Captains Letter - 24th April

Captains Update - 24th April 2020

Hello Again,

Your Board met again on 20 April to review the current situation to plan for the future and to continue to manage the Club on your behalf.

I would first of all like to give a big thank you to Stuart for his excellent workmanship in maintaining the course in such wonderful condition. This will ensure that whenever we return you will have a course to play that will be in terrific condition. See the photographs on the website/social media.

I like you are very frustrated that with this summer like weather we are unable at present to play on the course hopefully that may change in the next few weeks.

Alison Stockley has done a great job in managing the payroll scheme and we have applied to the Government Retention Scheme for Furloughed Workers and should receive that money in the next few days. Alison was also successful in applying for the Government Grant and we have received the maximum Grant, which will help greatly in sustaining the financial running of the Club.

We have continued to look at ways of reducing expenditure and have had negotiations with utility companies and other businesses that we use.

In these difficult times we have are having to use new ways of keeping members up to date with developments.

The Board has decided to hold the 37th AGM and EGM on the 13 May at 7pm through Zoom Conferencing. Because of the changes we are facing, the content will be reduced greatly and most of the information will be on the Club Website including notices regarding the EGM and the AGM.

Members will receive an email inviting them to the Zoom meeting and will be asked to confirm that they wish to participate. The maximum people that participate is 99 plus the Host. So look out for the email.

Please continue to take seriously the instructions from the government to stay at home for the sake of your health, our NHS workers and all the other essential workers. This is for your own protection as well.

Hopefully we may be able to play golf sometime soon.

Keep yourselves fit, stay safe, well and cheerful.  Look forward to seeing some members on the 13 May.

With Best Wishes

Crawford Conochie